“Ergonomic: A Trending Term in Technology” – Part Three of Three

“Ergonomic: A Trending Term in Technology” – Part Three of Three

“How Does Buying Ergonomic Devices Benefit My Business?”
By Michelle VanHoy

In the first two installments of this series, we discussed what ergonomics is and how it benefits each of us as individuals. Ergonomics is, essentially, the science of work.¹ Ergonomic researchers and designers seek to understand the effect that interaction has on human beings and develop solutions that create the least amount of stress possible. In this conclusion we will explore how ergonomics benefits employers and the businesses they work so hard to build.

Applying ergonomic principals to your workplace by buying ergonomic devices and encouraging proper interactions with technology and equipment will aid your business in a number of ways. The first, and perhaps most important in the short term, is a reduction of costs. Musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, are sometimes referred to as repetitive strain injuries. These types of injuries and disorders are preventable, in most cases, by the proper use of ergonomic devices like the MouseDrive and an ergonomic environment. According to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, MSDs account for up to $50 billion in workers compensation costs each year. That means that one-third of all worker’s compensation annually can be prevented by employing ergonomics to reduce the rate of MSDs.¹

The use of ergonomics also increases productivity and quality. When employees need to take days off to recover from strain injuries, or they are sore or fatigued because of improper equipment or equipment placement, productivity levels plummet. The inability to do a job properly or without extra strain can also lead to poor quality work.² Ensuring that all of your employees are well-trained and properly equipped with ergonomically designed tools and apparatuses leads to a better product for your customers, which, in turn, leads to better profits.

The last way that using ergonomic designs like the MouseDrive in your workplace, and the most important in the long term, is that it’s good for your employees, and yourself. When thinking of office arrangements for your workers, it’s easy to forget that you’ll be using office equipment for administrative purposes as well. You will reap the wellness rewards of using ergonomic devices and device placement just as much as your employees, and as the MouseDrive is designed to transfer easily between your work and home computers, you get double the ergonomic benefit for your money.

Here ends our discussion on ergonomics for the time being, but the science of work is all around you every day. It is far cheaper in the long run to invest in good, comfortable devices like the MouseDrive now to save yourself and your company from expensive medical bills in the future. Whether you are sitting on your sofa, operating a forklift, or reading this article on your computer, ergonomics can keep you from aches, pains, and permanent damage, as long as you use it. Remember, the scientists studying ergonomics aren’t just pursuing an understanding of work, they are making things better for you, and everyone you know. Ergonomics is not just the science of work, it is also the science of “YOU.”

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